If you run a start-up, a small size or a medium size business, we design and implement effective and efficient technological solutions that simplify your operations, cut costs, and improve security.

At Time Evolution we strive to support our clients with elastic IT solutions that simplify their business in all different perspectives such as connectivity, communication, availability, management and security. To do so we signed partnerships with global manufacturers and distributors with the best products in the market to deliver the quality and design the right solutions for our clients. We provide our solutions after we fully understand the client’s needs and their business environment.

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Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud is the future, and Time Evolution can transform your facility from on-premises data center to Cloud which significantly boosts data availability, reliability and security. When it comes to cost comparison between on-premises data center and Cloud choice, Cloud will definitely be your choice.

Our Current Solutions:

AWS: is a cloud computing platform that offers computing power, database, storage, content delivery, management and security, network, analytics, application services, implementation and testing.

Microsoft Azure: is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying and managing applications and services through the cloud.

Yeastar Cloud PBX: unified communication as a service (UCaaS), designed for small and medium size businesses. Yeastar cloud PBX delivers enterprise-grade business communication features along with advanced UC capabilities, bringing a solid, reliable and affordable hosted PBX and UCaaS solutions.

Microsoft 365: Software as a service (SaaS) is an online version of Microsoft Office.

Network and Cabling

•Structured Cabling: we understand the client’s needs and then we either modify their existing structure or design a new structure from the scratch.

Why cabling structure is important?
Cabling structure is the backbone of the network and it needs to be well planned and designed to meet the current and future requirements and to simply the maintenance, organization, and expansion work.

Structured cabling includes the following services:

*Network Services: we study and analyse the client’s needs whether they need home network, local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), wireless local area network (WLAN), wireless wide area network (WWAN), or virtual private network (VPN); we have our experts and certified team to install and configure the right equipment for the best solution and as desired by the client.

*Telephony Services: our job is to make the communication in your facility or facilities possible internally and externally. Our systems support the communication through the internet (IP PBX) which is ideal for businesses of all sizes (small, medium and large organizations).

*Advantages of the IP PBX System:
• Cost Effective: it is cheaper than both the traditional analog telephony and the VoIP that requires monthly subscription.

• Flexibility: you can move the telephone any time anywhere as long as there is a LAN cable.

• Remote Extension: the employees can use the extensions by receiving and making calls through the application of the IP PBX system.

• Branch Office: can connect branches to the headquarter and communicate like if all branches are at one same location.

Network Hub and Cable
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our offered ERP system serves the organization and makes it way easier and faster to manage day to day business activities such as, but not limited to Accounting, Procurement, Supply Chain Operations, Risk Management and Compliance, Project Management, etc.

Our ERP system can be customized to serve businesses of all sizes (small, medium and large organizations) at an affordable price.

Contact us and request a free demo. 

Managed IT Services (Outsourcing)

Our IT outsourcing support allows your organization to focus on the core business activities and let us support and handle the technological-business-needs for your firm. This service is highly recommended for your facility to reduce costs and improve quality.

We provide reliable and efficient services to your facility to ensure your business is progressing as desired.

Benefits of Managed IT Services (Outsourcing):

• Professional certified team covering all areas related to IT support.

• You will always be updated by the latest technology to support the operations of your business and your expansion plans.

• Effective proactive support to ensure your business continuity and availability and to reduce the downtime.

• 24/7 monitoring to prevent the problems before they arise.

• Reduce the operational cost of the IT department.

• Consultation and supply of the best IT products that fit perfectly in your business.

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